ted goodden stained glass windows restorations installations commissions
ted goodden stained glass windows restorations installations commissions

The Great Blue Heron

A maquette of this sculpture was selected  by jury from an international field,  in a competition co-sponsored by The Tricar Group and the City of London.  “The Great Blue Heron” was installed on December l6th, 2009, and the plaque unveiled in a ceremony which followed two days later.  This stainless steel sculpture has a “wingspan” of twenty-four feet and is suspended from The Renaissance, a high rise apartment complex at the southeast corner of King and Ridout Streets in London, Ont.  A stained glass mandala is incorporated into the design and aligned with the sun’s path so that it will cast coloured shadows onto three granite discs below and  mark the solstice and equinox points of the solar year.

Historically speaking,  this public sculpture is located at the point of origin for settlement in this area, a stone’s- throw from the forks of the river and the market, across the street from London’s first -recorded resident, Peter McGregor.  I like to think of the stained glass circle suspended above this corner as London’s

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story and video.

Screen & Sculpture

Stained glass screen, built with industrial glass and lead came, designed for the corner of a garden in Courtenay, B.C. This piece, along with the outdoor sculptures represent a growing interest in designing artwork  for outdoor settings.

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Postcards From the Floating World

This is the tentative title for an on-going body of new work, without a scheduled exhibition venue. The title refers to a school of printmaking in Japan which gave rise to such stunning achievements as Hokusai’s “Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji”…but it refers to much more than this, of course.  There is a sense in which I feel that I have always inhabited The Floating World; there is a sense in which stained glass, with its interdependent relationship to transient light, is a floating medium.  I would say more here but I am very much preoccupied with creating the images, and seeing what they have to tell me about the nature of The Floating World.

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ted goodden stained glass windows restorations installations commissions

The Ridgeway Windows

Ted Goodden’s one-person exhibition of stained glass, The Ridgeway Windows, showed at the McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario, and will tour the Thames River basin to the Chatham Cultural Centre and Woodstock Art Gallery later in the year.

Goodden’s work is concerned with ideas of home, place and region. In his artist’s statement in the catalogue accompanying the show,
Goodden writes:
"I hope my work contributes to a renewed understanding of regional art. I feel that the elaboration of place-bound identities has become more – rather than less – important in a world of diminishing spatial boundaries, a world in which exchange, movement and communication now have little relationship to geography. More than ever, a regional perspective is needed to

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mediate between the personal and the increasingly alarming global; to serve as a lens, to help locate the individual in a physical community. Wendell Berry writes about the need for “placed persons” but perhaps the Asian philosopher Dogen says it best:
“When you find yourself where you are, practice occurs.”